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Find out how to build wealth using your life insurance to protect your loved ones and your future.

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Become Financially Ready

Your family's future is my priority. Let's secure it together—Plan Your Life With Confidence.

We offer you a full line of personal insurance & registered retirement and tax-free savings accounts to suit your needs.

Life Insurance

From Universal Life, Whole Life, to Term—Don’t be afraid. Life Insurance doesn’t have to be difficult. I can walk you through the difference between them. We can discuss how much coverage you need and how you and your loved ones can both benefit!

Savings and Growth
Combine the power of saving and insurance retirement planning strategies, to grow your wealth exponentially, and enjoy financial freedom.
Disability Insurance

Secure income protection in the event of disability, and physical limitation to work.

Business Protection
Shield your company’s growth and financial well-being in the event of business interruption or need for operational support.
Other Services

Whether it’s Travel, Critical Illness Insurance, or Children’s Education Plan, I can walk you through a full line of personal insurance & registered retirement (RRSP) and tax-free savings accounts (TFSA) that may suit your needs! We partnered an experts as well for your credit consolidation and Property Insurance.

Final Expense

Pre-plan your final expense costs and give your family the financial support they need in their most vulnerable hour.

Become an Independent Insurance broker

Independent brokers and home-based insurance busines careers are huge and growing (Business Statistics Canada). I’ll show you a step-by-step system that shows how to build a successful home-based insurance business. Click here for details

Jan Tejano - Life Insurance Broker in Winnipeg and Steinbach, Manitoba

Hi, I'm Jan.

I’m an Independent Life Insurance Advisor based out of our Greatway MB, located at 387 Main St in Steinbach and 1680 Ellice Ave. in Winnipeg

I currently have a Life and Accident & Sickness license in the following jurisdictions: Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta.  

  • I’m available to you 24/7.
  • I’ll keep you updated annually and bi-annually.
  • We can do your application in-person or online.

  • I’m partnered with some of the Best Rated Life

  • Insurance Companies in Canada.

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"My passion is to empower you to take that burden of trying to figure it out yourself, and we help you achieve your financial goals with high-quality service with a free consultation."

My story

Like many who arrive in Canada, I carried a suitcase full of dreams and a heart full of hope. But as I navigated my new life, I quickly realized that dreams also require understanding – understanding of a system that was foreign to me, especially when it came to financial literacy.

I remember vividly the complexity of financial decisions, the confusion around terms like 'credit score' and 'insurance policies.

These were not just terms; they were keys to a stable life, and I lacked the knowledge to use them effectively.

This realization was my wake-up call.

It sparked a passion within me, a passion to learn, to understand, and to empower not just myself but others like me.

As I embarked on my quest for knowledge, I found my true calling in the field of life insurance. It wasn't just about policies and premiums; it was about people, families, and their futures.

It was about protecting dreams and ensuring that the financial confusion I once faced didn't become a stumbling block for others.

Now, as a life insurance broker, I am more than just an advisor; I am a guide for those who are on a similar path I once walked.

I'm here to demystify the financial nuances that can empower a family's legacy, to be the beacon for those navigating through their own financial journeys in Canada.

And here's the truth – financial issues are a top cause of divorce, cited in approximately 40% of cases.

This isn't just a statistic; it's a reality that many families face, one that I am determined to change.

Through financial literacy and tailored life insurance solutions, we can safeguard not just our assets, but our relationships and our children's futures.

I share this story because I know there are more people out there with the potential to make a difference. You might be seeking a career that aligns with your passion for helping others, looking for a meaningful pivot in your professional life, or yearning to be a part of a community that uplifts through education and support.

Together, we can create a legacy of knowledge and protection that transcends borders and generations.

Come and join our happy clients

Jan is a reliable insurance broker... "Jan has everything one should look for in a mentor, business partner and an advisor. He is a professional seeing potential in people and turning plain circumstances into opportunities."


Matt Anjelo De Guzman

Winnipeg, Canada

Jan is supportive all the way... "Jan and Nobee are very experienced and professional! He guides you through everything and is good at explaining. Thank you, Jan, for all help with my family."


Valentina Eberhard

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Jan is a professional and experienced life insurance broker. He is not pushing you to sign up with him. Jan looks at your needs and advises you accordingly. He is very competent, and I am grateful he is my financial broker


Katharina Marksfeld

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sincere, honest, straight and a no-nonsense guy. He is pretty knowledgeable on his craft and will give you the best advice. You can talk and deal comfortably with this guy. Keep it up Jan!


Raoul Dennis

Victoria, British Columbia

Jan is one of those rare people that you might be fortunate to meet along the way. He truly cares about his clients and works hard to help others move forward.


Charlette & Ariel Ortiz

Steinbach, Manitoba

I’m very excited to be working with Jan! When I first came in for my presentation he was very welcoming, and kind but also during the presentation he made sure I understand the presentation clearly and interacted with me that way I would understood clearly!


Darlene Fehr

Steinbach, Manitoba

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🔒We are committed to the highest standard, in terms of client confidentiality. Please be assured that I will never sell or distribute the personal information you provide.

Here's what you will discover:
  • How to save money effectively

    Meet your financial goals (save for retirement, protection for the family and Income protection) while saving money.

  • How to create a financial Legacy

    One benefit of this strategy is that it allows you to provide for your children, the next generation, and charities.

  • How to supplement your retirement income

    Great strategy using your life insurance to build up earnings within the plan.

  • How to save on taxes

    A great tax-saving strategy within your plan.

Any questions? I look forward to hearing
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I know that your time is sacred, I’ll be in touch soon! You can also visit one of our offices!

Jan Tejano

Independent Insurance Broker

387 Main St. Steinbach, MB R5G 1Z4

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